Tuesday, July 15, 2014

More of these to come from Sabrina,Rave 2 The Grave

 This is a Sabrina Van Keuren of Shmak Films and Tru Vibe productions Presents Rave 2 The Grave, in association with Jeff Teck TeckFilms.com,

 Sabrina Said This on Facebook: I finally did it!! Thanks to TVC I was able to film and edit this music video Rave to the Grave. Check it out :) let me know what u think! any feedback is welcomed feedback. Thanks Jeffery A Teck for your assistance!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

He Is My Everything (Birthday Song) the church music video New Song

 I took so much advice and did this church music video for my friend Miguel at work, and what a great learning experience, I'm glad I did it, so enjoy, Sabrina.

 Good job Sabrina as all way's you go in with so little and come back to create so much, Jeff.